Montessori Education Week 2023

Celebrate Montessori Education Week With GSMS

The last week of February is designated for Montessori Education Week worldwide. Taking time to celebrate Maria Montessori and the educational approach she developed helps grow our appreciation for the uniqueness of the Montessori classroom and the benefits it offers our children. This year marks the 116th anniversary of the first Montessori school, the Casa dei Bambini (or Children’s House) in Rome in 1907. You’re invited to take some time to learn more about Montessori education or to help our school as we seek to make Montessori education accessible to more children and families.

Discover More About Montessori

If you want to deepen your understanding of Montessori, a great place to start is with the American Montessori Society’s webpage titled, What is Montessori Education? You can read more about the Montessori method, its core components, and terminology. AMS also has a curated collection of Montessori articles from their publication Montessori Life available on their website. These articles cover everything from parenting to supporting children with special needs to Montessori education in the public sphere.

You might also find interesting this TED Talk by Katy Wright entitled “You Might Be A Montessorian.” 

Support Montessori Education at GSMS

Help us stock the shelves of our new Blue Beech primary classroom by donating an item from our Primary Wish List. Included on the list are Spanish language items for our current Redbud classroom to support the transition to a dual-language environment. You can also make a direct gift to our annual fund to support construction costs for the new classroom, which include the installation of a child-size sink and a new set of double doors. Thank you for your support!

The child cannot develop if he does not have objects around him permitting him to act. Until the present, it was believed that the most effective learning took place when knowledge was passed on directly to the child by his teachers. But it is really the environment that is the best teacher. The child needs objects to act; they are like nourishment for his spirit.

Maria Montessori Education and Peace, Chapter 7

Make Your Home More Montessori

Current GSMS families have access to free in-home consultations with GSMS Montessori Consultant, Sarah Kulwicki. Sarah helps families set up or adjust their home environments to better support their children’s growth and independence by incorporating Montessori principles. Read more online about setting up a consultation with Sarah Kulwicki.

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