Backyard Permaculture


This class will introduce you to the philosophy of permaculture, an ecological land management and design system that honors nature's relationships. Permaculture design is known for the use of perennials and conservation practices that create self sustaining food production systems both large and small. The goal of all permaculture design is to provide abundance while also fostering environmental restoration. 

The class will demonstrate basic techniques and practices used in backyard food production and will give participants practical experience and ideas for their own backyard design. 

Bring your notebook, wear your work clothes, and be ready for some fun learning.

A pre-reading packet will be suggested upon registration.


Theri Niemier is the Regenerative Agriculture Education Specialist at Good Shepherd Montessori School (GSMS). Theri founded Bertrand Farm in 1996 and has been teaching and farming in the local community for over 25 years. She has a sociology background and a strong interest in environmental stewardship and health, which has led to her specialty in curriculum development for classes and schools. Theri is also a certified Permaculture Designer and a Master Canner. She is the recipient of numerous agriculture education project awards and grants and was named the 2019 conservation educator of the year in St. Joseph County.


  • Friday, June 7, 2024: 9am—5pm
  • Register by May 15 to receive a pre-reading packet.
  • Cost: $105; includes a book and other reading materials.
  • Minimum 5 Participants