“If we want to help the child grow near to God, we should, with patience and courage... seek to go always closer to the vital nucleus of things. This requires study and prayer. The child himself will be our teacher if we know how to observe him.”

-Sofia Cavalletti


Meet Caleb!

Caleb is a 2nd year student in Lower Elementary at GSMS. Last summer, Caleb and his family traveled to Rome, Italy for his father’s work. He liked seeing the Vatican, but he says that his favorite thing in Italy was... gelato! As students at Good Shepherd Montessori School, Caleb and his classmates are able to recognize that faith is about more than beautiful church buildings - even those as grand as St. Peter’s!

Caleb, can you tell us a little about touring churches around Rome?

Yes, we went to see a LOT of churches, probably one hundred. Even on days that aren’t Sunday we went to church. One church I remember really well is the first church we visited. It had three pillars made of three different types of marble. I was surprised that the marbles all looked different even in the same church. They were carved to look really important. And then I just fell asleep - they call that jetlag.

Traveling can be tiring! Did you see the Good Shepherd anywhere in Rome? What do you know about Him?

Yes, they do have the Good Shepherd over in Italy, too! I know that the Good Shepherd takes good care of the sheep and feeds them. But really, God is the shepherd and I am the sheep, and He’ll rejoice when I come back to Him. The Shepherd always goes after the sheep if one of us escapes, but I don’t really feel like escaping most of the time.

Have you been particularly enjoying any works in the atrium this year?

Well, I’m painting an icon with Mr. Driscoll. I’m really good at art and so I like doing a painting for atrium work. When I work on it, I feel really concentrated on Baby Jesus and Mary until I finish that part. Mine will look a lot like the picture after I finish drawing with the red pencil.  I wasn’t as interested in painting an icon when I was four, but I’m really interested in it now! I’m pretty good at it, too.


The tone for all learning at Good Shepherd Montessori School is set by Montessori’s deeply-held value of respect for the child, the environment and the community, and by the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori-based approach to Catholic faith and morals. GSMS is an independent school, and we are proud that families with a diversity of faith backgrounds have found a home here where all children can wonder and grow their spiritual life.

In the atrium, our students are provided with a space to listen to the voice of God and foster their relationship with the Good Shepherd, a loving God who knows them and calls them by name.

To give context to their education, Good Shepherd offers students Five Great Lessons that situate their learning in the history of the universe: The Coming of the Universe, The Coming of Life to Earth, The Coming of Humankind, The Coming of Numbers, and The Coming of Language. From this context, each GSMS student is able and encouraged to ask himself, “What is MY cosmic task?”